We started by teaching entrepreneurship and have successful mentored and trained young people to use their ideas and habits to start new businesses.

To be an entrepreneur you must have an IDEA, we cannot teach young people to have an IDEA, but we do encourage imagination and trust of imagination and how to test IDEAs.

Young person supporting Y-DAP youth community with web ideas 

However, with so much focus on, and being an entrepreneur being such a trend, we have witnessed some young people becoming disillusioned as to what an entrepreneur, really is. Young people state that “I’m going to be an entrepreneur when I get older”, as if it’s a job title. We have also seen it create some very money-hungry, arrogant youth who seem to believe that being money-hungry and wanting to be an entrepreneur will just make them rich. Without understanding the real principles behind being successful. Such as i.e. goal setting, planning, ideas – reality (the most important, as having an idea cannot be taught), focus, business plan, cashflow etc… and having the right partners and service providers.

Youth coordinating and delivering their own corses as Revo Peer Teachers








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We have experienced great successes working with ‘youth deemed to be at risk’ and some top of the ‘most academically smart youth’ in youth clubs and schools’ settings, we have witnessed great changes and improvements not only at school but in their live generally.

We have worked in schools and youth centres across London

We use young people’s interests to facilitate and improve their attainment to education, as well as introducing new habits; identify and source personal issue; set personal goals within young people and for them to create the ability to respond and be accountable.

Drip Drinks supported and mentored by Revo Seccus from idea to delivery 

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