Our Responsibility

Our responsibility policy outlines our commitment to the young people’s safety, engagement, future, fun and wider community. We strive to go beyond our legal obligations – socially and environmentally. 

We work together to create a fair, diverse, safe, motivating and fulfilling environment. And we contribute to meeting the challenges and creating success need in young people’s lives. We do this with:

  • cross-team delivery groups, youth and deliverers surveys, and appraisals
  • youth training and development opportunities – often on real-time training – to challenge and stretch our Peers Leaders (Peer Leaders are youth who have previously attended a BSU workshop and has advanced to Tutor Assisting, Programme development and much more…), while helping widen their experience and encouraging them to take on responsibility and accountability
  • social activities, both in and outside of BSU time, that promote wellbeing and community balance
  • competitive incentives and benefits, and recognising those by provide great references or upskilling to Peer Educator/ Influencer.

We uphold high standards and professionalism when delivering and communicating with young people and providing suppliers to deliver. We do this with:

  • socially responsible, quality workshops and services from all business sectors and sizes to deliver
  • sustainable procurement, transparency in our supply chains, open tender processes, and paying our bills on time
  • youth values
  • supplier diversity
  • Relevant Partners Code of Conduct, Management and Employee Standards
  • clear and consistent messages.

we encourage excellence in the areas of young people, leadership, resources, representation, influence and engagement, and customer service.

Youth Community

We encourage a positive contribution to the youth communities. We do this with:

  • training, internships, work exposure and experience, and apprenticeships – and encouraging Local businesses (small and large) to offer the same
  • fundraising activities such as ‘help the ages’ or supporting local young developing sports person with social events and challenges
  • creating online youth communities and study groups.

Workshops and Environments

Our workshops and environments include:

  • promoting best practice to our young people
  • promoting best practice to our suppliers and stakeholders
  • promote and provide the link between education and the new digital world (industry 4.0 & 5.0) that Generation Alpha will be need to be prepared for
  • access increasing youth meatal and physical well-being
  • access to increasing youth employment and entry to higher education
  • access to increasing youth safety
  • access to Global youth opportunities