Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The leading organisation bridging the gap and connecting the new generation of youth that are digitally aware young people locally & globally by way of further education and career exposure.

We create the vital link by providing the introduction, enhancement and advancing young people in education and training for new world (Industry 4.0 &b 5.0).

We bridge the gap between youth, education and industry to develop, research and produce the careers, products and services of the future. 


Our Mission

Revo Seccus delivers all-inclusive & bespoke, user-led support & workshops to young people, and support those who are choosing further education or careers by aiding them to make informed choices.

We do this through motivation, innovation & success training via our real-time opportunities & exposure programs. We focus on the morals of the next leaders by building peer, youth communities, and social responsibility, as well as providing training in all aspects of personal and career development.

We push general preparation for industry 4.0 & 5.0 through strategic and policy restructuring.

We aim to be the UK & global leading experts in youth community development for enterprise, from mindset, life skills, and skills development – we deliver to young people who will be the next generation leaders, influencers, implementors, talents, and producers by exposing business knowledge, expertise and working models throughout the UK and the world.

We partner with schools, local authorities, brands and organizations to deliver to the new digital generation

Our Vision

Truth: Every Young person is unique and so is their future

Responsibility and accountability: We are responsible and accountable for our actions and likewise are young people

Non-Rejection: Not all young people are ready and we have a open-door policy for those who need to return to the program

Broadminded: We do not judge, nor have biased opinions based on a young person’s past or views  

Open-minded: Young people come from all walks of life from graduates to gang members and we support all

Creative: We are constantly reviewing new ways to inspire young people

SafeguardingWe design and develop youth strategies that expand a new age of businesses and services

Service providers

We deliver borough-wide youth programs in enrichment sessions, after school, and on holidays. we deliver under our Schools United banner i.e. BSU – Brent Schools United 

We plan and deliver strategies to local authorities and emergency services to give young people exposure, experience, and opportunities

We work closely with organisations and brands who have an interest in developing themselves or youth with new products, and services that lead to new education pathways and opportunities. We support brand awareness, loyalty, and market research

We support and provide workshops with schools, youth providers, housing associations, employers, councils, and foundations to work together to address the growing challenge of youth readiness for the job market. Following a diagnostic of the root causes underlying the mismatch of skills versus employer needs, we work at a country or sector level to develop and implement strategies that span vocational, university, and work readiness programs. We provide entry level workshops, mentoring programs i.e.Google mentors, work-experience and apprenticeship support and market research opportunities


Why Us?

Our experience working and bridging the gap comes from being the founder and creator of BYAF Brent Youth Arts Forum in 1993 (the first youth project using technology in arts, youth development, and youth forums. BYAF led on to become Bang Ed and The Beat 103.6fm. We also coordinate and led Bret Summer University and trained Futureversities London-wide.

We have led on London youth development and have appeared and supported from 2012-2022 Mayor of London, Schools in Brent, Hammersmith Ealing and Tower Hamlet, BBC, BBC4, CH4, SKY News and BAFTA nominated for Victoria Derbyshire ‘Fathers against Knife Crime’




Customers and Partners we have worked with have led us to appear and support from 2012-2023:

  • Youth of London
  • Parents and guardians
  • Those who have suffered knife, gun and youth violence
  • Those who want to support the end of the analogue world and the youth who only know a digital world (Generation z & Alpha)
  • Mayor of London,
  • Schools in Brent, Hammersmith Ealing and Tower Hamlet,
  • BBC,
  • BBC5 radio
  • Channel 4
  • SKY News,
  • and BAFTA nominated for Victoria Derbyshire ‘Fathers against Knife Crime’
  • Tottenham Hotspurs
  • Metro Bank
  • Old Oak and Park Royal Corporation OPDC
  • LFB – London Fire Bridage
  • MET – Metropolitan Police
  • Police Cadets
  • Property Developers of London
  • Watford Chamber of Commerce
  • London Youth



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