Our aims are:

Increase business ownership and growth in employment.

Reduces the elements of failure moreover improve access to support, mentorship, infrastructure and partnerships.

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Exclusive – Relevant – Essential

For over twenty years the core group of Revo Seccus has worked with the development of young people in various industries.

In doing this the realisation that the Arts have become the main focus of providing support to

18 – 25 year old.

This support has unfortunately come in the form of dance, making music etc…

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The purpose for Revo Seccus has been due to the fact that unemployment is increasing daily and job opportunities are few and far between. This has had a knock on effect on Graduates and other young people, who all now fall under the term NEET (government – NOT in EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT or TRAINING) which in 2012 are 123,000 young people in London figures DfE: NEET Statistics – Quarterly Brief – Quarter 2 2012


Our focus

This signifies that the initial work force that can be recruited for business start-ups can have a minimum requirement (set by Revo Seccus and Mentors) of education and experience from the many qualified Graduates. Who, in turn will create other job opportunities for other young people with education and experiences.

Revo Seccus also understands and demonstrates it understanding of young people by developing them from a young age with it 11-16 peer to peer projects (see #YDAP)



King Charles
The Prince’s Youth Business International

“The lack of job opportunities for young
people is not only a tragedy for an entire
generation, but it is a huge waste of
resources for society as a whole. Youth
entrepreneurship can play a key role in not
only addressing youth unemployment,
but also in helping to revitalise flagging
economies. By giving young people the
means to start their own business, rather
than waiting for someone to give them
a job, we can turn the jobless youth into
young job creators.
I have always been of the opinion that young
people have the skills and energy to make a
real difference to our world, and we must do
all that we can to harness their talents.”


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