Why Revo Seccus

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be the leading organisation connecting young people locally & globally by way of youth business start-up and career exposure. Creating the vital link in enterprise in the next business leaders.   

Our Mission

Revo Seccus delivers all-inclusive & bespoke, user-led support & training to young people, who are choosing career; who are in need of exposure to careers; who are wanting to start their own business.

We do this through motivation, innovation & success training via our real-time business opportunities & exposure programmes. We focus on the morals of the business leaders by building peer,community and social responsibility, as well as training in all the aspects of business development and management.

We push general change through strategic and policy restructuring. We aim to be the UK & global leading experts in youth enterprise development, from raw materials, branding to sales – we do not work with artistic talents (i.e. singers, sports personalities etc…) but the young people who will be the next management, promotion and sell companies for products, talents and services by exposing business knowledge, expertise and working models through-out the UK and the world.


Our Vision

Truth: Every Young person is unique and so is their future

Responsibility: We are responsible for our actions and likewise are young people

Non Rejection: Not all young people are ready and we have a open door policy for those who need to return to the programme

Broadminded: We do not judge, nor have bias opinions based on a young person’s past or views  

Open-minded: Young people come from all walks of life from graduates to gang members and we support all

Creative: We are constantly reviewing new ways to inspire young people

We design and develop youth strategies that expand a new age of businesses and services


Service providers

We support and provide training modules or tutors to education providers, youth providers, housing associations, employers, councils, and foundations to work together to address the growing challenge of youth readiness for the job market. Following a diagnostic of the root causes underlying the mismatch of skills versus employer needs, we work at a country or sector level to develop and implement strategies that span vocational, university, and work readiness programs.

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