11 – 19 Holistic Mindset & habit coaching


We started by teaching entrepreneurship and have successfully mentored and trained young people to use habits to start new businesses, such as drippunch also as seen on the BBC


The young CEO’s who are mentored by Revo Seccus with mindset, habit and business startup support discuss how county lines can be reduced with business startup support and identifying transferable skills

However, with so much focus on, and being an entrepreneur being such a trend, we have witnessed some young people becoming disillusioned as to what an entrepreneur, really is. Young people state that “I’m going to be an entrepreneur when I get older”, as if its a job title. We have also seen it create some very money-hungry, arrogant youth who seem to believe that being money-hungry and wanting to be an entrepreneur will just make them rich. Without understanding the real principles behind being successful. Such as i.e. goal setting, planning, idea – reality (the most important, as having an idea can not be taught), focus, business plan, cashflow etc… and having the right partners and service providers.

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We have seen great successes working with youth deemed to be at risk, as well as other young people who are some of the tops of the most academically smart youth in schools and youth clubs/ programs and witnessed great changes and improvements not only at school but in their life generally.

We have delivered to the following schools and providers young people:

  • Brent – Newman Catholic School, Jesus St Marys, Queens Park and Capital City, Neasden Pru
  • Hammersmith and Fulham – Burlington Danes, The Salam Project, West London Football Academy
  • Ealing – Brentside High School, Acton High School
  • Harrow – Whitmore High
  • Italy – Istituto Tecnico Economico Statale – Liceo Economico Sociale Ettore Carafa, University Bari, Morgan School Noci, Liceo Classico Quinto Orazio Flacco, Istruzione Secondaria Superiore “ETTORE CARAFA” Via Bisceglie s.n.c

3 schools from Italy, came to the UK for English language and business support from Revo Seccus and partnered with the Stay Club for residential accommodation

Other service providers who have cohorts of youth:

  • London Fire Brigade
  • 1st Life
  • MET Police
  • OPDC
  • The Challenge
  • YOS

We also use young peoples interests to facilitate and improve their attainment to education, as well as to introduce new habits and to identify and source personal issue within young people and for them to create the ability to respond responsibility.

Current provisions in during schools lessons (support classes), enrichment classes in schools are:

  • Mindset Coaching
  • Habit building
  • Dyslexia support
  • Life skills 
  • Gang and knife crime key-speaking (assemblies) or workshops
  • Boxing coach and mentor/ success habits (all day provision in schools 1 hour session, from 10.00-15.10)
  • Maui Thai and mentor/ success habits (enhancement)
  • Hair & Beauty and mentor/ success habits (enhancement)
  • Football and mentor/ success habits (enhancement)
  • Just Girls and mentor/ success habits (enhancement)
  • Dem Boys and mentor/ success habits (enhancement)
  • Youth neighborhood and economic forum (enhancement)
  • Youth Art Forums

for more details of how to book or discuss how we can bespoke a provision from the above sessions list in your school or club

call: 07914760048 or email info@revoseccus.com