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‘To read if free,  only a real fool would chose not to read in this day and age’





As relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1937, Napoleon Hill’s classic is the bestselling 




 “A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.”

 Abraham Lincoln




The Secrets to Increasing Your Power Wealth and Happiness





THE-SECRETS to increase your health power and wisdom-BOOK (1)


If you are not producing what you want and intend to do – this book will explain WHY you are not. If you have very little time and attention to use in directing your life – this book will give you the answers as to where your attention has gone. THE SECRETS TO INCREASING YOUR POWER, WEALTH, AND HAPPINESS is a guide to restoring your life.


 “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”

Anonymous teacher

16 laws of success

LESSON-1-by-Napoleon-Hill – The-Law-of-Success

The Master Mind (128 pages)

The ten weaknesses that block your success.
– The ONE thing without which you will never enjoy outstanding success.
– The two classes of thought…and why listening to one of them will guarantee your success.
– The principle of Organized Knowledge – and how you can use its power to your advantage.
– The truth about your education…and why it makes no difference to your success.
– What you need to influence other people to co-operate with you.
– The six qualities that are essential for you to become a leader.
– The secret of turning your knowledge into power.


16 laws of success


A Definite Chief Aim (68 pages)

– The simple nightly routine that will change your life…without any effort on your part.
– The three steps that are essential to insuring your success.
– What you are constantly making use of…to your disadvantage.
– The reasons why you literally attract what you wish for.
– The four-step formula that will focus you on what’s really important in your life.
– The one statement that another person MUST tell YOU every day.
– Why you need to change your friends regularly.
– The one word that you should remind yourself every single day without fail.
– The desire that you definitely have…yet is completely the opposite of what you should have.

16 laws of successLESSON-3-by-Napoleon-Hill-The-Law-of-Success-

Self Confidence (77 pages)

– The deadly enemy of your progress…which I guarantee that you are feeling right now.
– Your six basic fears…and how you can extinguish them from your life for good.
– The two Laws of your heredity…and how they affect your confidence.
– Why you have no grounds whatsoever for fearing poverty.
– How your life will be plagued by uncertainty if you let these two things ‘die’.
– Why the worst thing you can do for your children is give them an ‘easy’ life.
– The amazing five-point confidence formula that will guarantee you unbreakable self-confidence.
– The hidden force inside you that, once unleashed, will give you unlimited belief in your abilities.
– The law of mental telepathy…and how you can use it to your advantage.


16 laws of successLESSON-4-by-HABIT OF SAVING – Napoleon-Hill – The-Law-of-Success

The Habit of Saving (68 pages)

– The Law of Habit…and how you automatically apply it.
– The simple two-step process to increase your earning power.
– How to think and talk your way to success.
– The two classes of debt…and which one you should avoid like the plague.
– Why a poverty consciousness will affect your health.
– The two-step process that will get rid of poverty for good.
– Why you think the wrong way around when you have some money.
– How saving can lead to success in other areas of your life.
– The shocking truth about the savings of 98% of people.
– How to assure your financial independence.

16 laws of success



Initiative and Leadership (76 pages)

– The three assets that all great leaders possess.
– A surprising way that you can get ideas off of the ground when you don’t have any money.
– The three keys to banishing procrastination from your life for good.
– The secret of why you remain underpaid…no matter what you do.
– The two brands of leadership…and which one leads to absolute failure.
– The most important word in the English language.
– How a great soldier’s amazing 17-page analysis will change your views on how to become a leader.
– The only way for you to achieve lasting happiness.
– The chief reason why you don’t reach decisions.
– The four Laws that will allow you to build plans for anything that will guarantee their success.

16 laws of successLESSON-6-by-Napoleon-Hill – The-Law-of-Success

Imagination (82 pages)

– The greatest and most profitable thing that you can do with your imagination.
– Why you need imagination to guarantee your success.
– The two natures of imagination and how you can use them to create your future.
– Why your thoughts ‘give you away’…and what you can do about it.
– The two main causes of failure.
– “Mob psychology”…and why you should be aware of it.
– Why being an employee can be more profitable than being a leader.
– Why you will never sell yourself to others unless you do this one thing.
– How to use the power of “planting the seed” to your advantage.
– How you can turn your great ideas into reality.
– The secret of getting what you want from other people.
– Why the battle for your success is only half-won unless you do this.

16 laws of success


LESSON-7-ENTHUSIASM-by-Napoleon-Hill – The-Law-of-Success

Enthusiasm (74 pages)

– The simple procedure that will guarantee you unlimited enthusiasm.
– How you can harness your enthusiasm…and use it for profit.
– The principle of Suggestion…and how you can use it to your advantage.
– Why how you say something is more important than what you say.
– The three things that you need to harmonize in order to influence somebody.
– How the dangerous law of association can make matters worse for you than they really are.
– The one thing in the world that gives you real and enduring power.
– A simple three-step process to develop your enthusiasm.
– Why knowledge alone is not enough for you to be a success.
– How the secret of what you wear has a dramatic impact on your success.
– Why your day-to-day routine can doom you to failure.
– The seven deadly enemies inside your head…and why your success is measured by how well you do battle with them.

16 laws of success


LESSON-8-SELF-CONTROL-by-Napoleon-Hill The-Law-of-Success

Self-Control (76 pages)

– The reason why opportunities pass 9 out of 10 people by.
– The signs of a lack of self-control…and how you can defeat them.
– Why self-sacrifice is the worse thing you can do for yourself.
– The spending habit prophecy from 1928 – and why it has come true.
– The most essential factor in the development of your personal power.
– The simple response you can use against criticism.
– The secret of your dominating thoughts.
– The ability that is the outstanding quality of all successful people.
– An amazingly simple method of controlling your anger.
– The Law of Retaliation…and the correct way to apply it.
– Why you are really a salesman…and how to use it to propel your success.
– The secret of converting your enemies into friends.

16 laws of successLESSON-9-HABIT-OF-MORE-by-Napoleon-Hill-1928-The-Law-of-Success-

Habit of Doing More Than Paid For (73 pages)

– The two astonishing reasons why you should do more than you are paid for.
– The secret of being able to work better and longer.
– How the power of the Law of Increasing Returns can literally explode your success.
– Why the element of love is crucial to your success.
– The two rewards that come directly from doing unselfish work.
– The secret of establishing an outstanding reputation.
– The surprising truth about being indispensable.
– The amazing Law of Compensation…and how you can use it to your advantage.
– The secret of the ‘Pyramiding of Gains’.

16 laws of success



Pleasing Personality (60 pages)

– The secret to using your personality to attract the right people into your life.
– The two most important aspects of your personality.
– Why human nature always wants what is always difficult to get.
– Why you should always make sure that your words fit the frame of mind of the listener.
– The amazing value of ‘you’…and the fatality of ‘I’.
– The seven major factors to developing an attractive personality.
– Your most important step in building your character.
– The two staggering benefits to self-suggestion.
– The single thing that you need to express your true personality.
– Why you can never hope to become a prominent leader…unless you have this one thing.

16 laws of successLESSON-11-ACCURATE-THOUGHT-by-Napoleon-Hill-The-Law-of-Success-

Accurate Thought (80 pages)

– The Law of Evidence…and how you can use it to propel yourself forward.
– Why going against your own interest can work to your advantage.
– Why a temporary penalty will turn into a greater reward.
– Why it is crucial to know which facts are important and relevant to your success.
– The secret of the power of creative thought.
– The two outstanding characteristics of your subconscious mind.
– How you can tap into ‘infinite intelligence’…and use it to change your life.
– The four major factors that will shape how successful you are.
– The secret of six key steps you can use to focus your thinking.
– The secret passageway to true knowledge…and how you can reach into it.
– How your thoughts magnetize your entire personality.

16 laws of successLESSON-12-CONCENTRATION-by-Napoleon-Hill-The-Law-of-Success-

Concentration (78 pages)

– The two important Laws that will enable you to fully concentrate your mind.
– The stunning effect that a change in environment can have on your success.
– The ‘radio principle’…and how you can use it to tap into abundance.
– The door to your success…and how to find “The Magic Key” to unlock it.
– The staggeringly simple pledge that will enable you to spend only ten minutes a day focusing on your future.
– Why thought is organized energy…and how you use its amazing potential.
– The secret of concentrated attention…and how to use it to manage your time more effectively.
– The simple visualization technique that trains your mind to concentrate.
– The startling hypnotic truth behind the psychology of crowds.

16 laws of success



Co-operation (68 pages)

– How you can use the two forms of co-operation to propel yourself to unbelievable new heights.
– Why you should aim for success through co-operation rather than competition.
– Why the curse of procrastination drives you towards failure…and how you can get out of it.
– Why the ‘psychology of inaction’ is the chief reason of failure.
– Your six states of mind that are fatal to continuing action.
– The two forms of action…and why you are only doing one of them.
– Why you should put as much effort into preparation as execution.
– The three most important factors that give you personal power.
– The four-step process to extinguish your procrastination for good.
– The three major motivating forces that compel you to act.

16 laws of successLESSON-14-FAILURE-by-Napoleon-Hill-The-Law-of-Success-The-Law-of-Success

Failure (52 pages)

– Why failure is only really temporary defeat…and is usually a blessing in disguise.
– The seven shocking turning points in Napoleon Hill’s life…and the surprising lessons that you can learn from them.
– The entire amazing six page introduction to “Hill’s Golden Rule” magazine.
– Why your failures are just stepping stones on the road to finding what you truly love.
– Why defeat is a destructive force only when you accept it as failure.
– Why you should love your enemies instead of hating them…by seeing the value of what they are doing for you.

16 laws of success



Tolerance (42 pages)

– Why you should be aware of the two significant features of intolerance.
– Why your life is built upon bias and prejudice…and how you need to re-learn what you previously thought was the truth.
– Why children are more important to business than you think.
– The two things that are the foundation of enduring success.
– Why you don’t have the time to allow intolerance into your life.
– The lessons from a war built upon a lack of tolerance…and how you can profit from them.

16 laws of success


LESSON-16-GOLDEN-RULE-Napoleon-Hill- the law of success

The Golden Rule (68 pages)

– The secret of the Golden Rule…and why it is widely misunderstood.
– The amazing power of your thoughts…and how they affect your life.
– Why you are undoubtedly using your thoughts in a way that is completely the opposite way you need for success.
– Why you are wrong to believe that the success of a person should be measured by money alone.
– The amazing 12-step ‘Code of Ethics’, which if you live by…will guarantee your success.
– Why you can never achieve success without happiness.
– The reason why it is essential that you ‘guard your thoughts’.
– Why it is critical for you not to hate or be jealous of someone else.
– Why it is impossible for you to be negative without having a corresponding effect on your success.
– How you can directly benefit from the Law of Retaliation.
– The outstanding weakness of the vast majority of people…and how you can overcome it.
– Why the Law of Compensation will change your luck overnight.

 “The ability to read awoke inside me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive.”

 Autobiography of Malcolm X, 1964 

Self development and the way to power


We may be either the suffering slaves of nature or the happy masters of her laws.




how to buy a great business with no money



No nonsense guide to business trading success


 “You’re the same today as you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

 Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


“That which we mean when we say “the will” is a manifestation of the I AM of the individual, bearing nearly the same relation to it that thought it does to the mind.  When we speak of “developing the will,” we really mean the developing of the mind to recognize and be controlled by the will.  The will is strong enough; it does not need “developing.”  This is contrary to the generally accepted doctrine, but is it correct, nevertheless.  A strong will current is flowing over the psychic wires, but you must learn to raise the trolley pole to the wire, before you are able to move the mental car.”  –  William W. Atkinson, “Thought Force in Business and Everday Life”

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Inside the mind of winners

How to Raise Your Self Esteem

39 Success Tips To make more money


12 Dirty Habits That Prevent You From Developing Exceptional People Skills



the riches man in babylon



“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
 – Frederick Douglass


“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”
 – Harry S. Truman



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