How to Apply

How To Apply


The fact that you are here means you are interested in starting your own company at some point… right?- Congratulations, you have taken the first step in building your own venture.

Revo Seccus only excepts CVs and they must be submitted to

How do we select candidates to run our incubated businesses?

We are focused on passionate entrepreneurs, those who show a hunger to become successful, those who want to create solutions to existing problems, if you are not sure if you fit the criteria below, don’t panic, just go ahead and submit your CV.
Keep upto date by watching ‘Opportunities and Job description and description of businesses’ or jobs incubated. Once you believe this is the career for you send an email stating company and position that you are interested in. Be sure that you have submitted all experiences and ideas as these plays a vital role on you being short-listed

 Submit all CVs to

Below is a list of things to consider in your CV or cover letter

Ideas with Maximum Potential should included

  • a) Feasibility of the idea in technical, financial and marketing terms
  • b) Ideas value plans – addresses a clear market and clientele
  • c) Ideas offer an innovative solution to increasing  the potential of the business concept applied for
  • d) Mobile or web solutions if possible

Sustainability of yourself in business terms

  • a) Level and background of education
  • b) Business maturity and prior entrepreneurial experience.
  • c) Proven commitment by references
  • d) Skill and background

Submit all CVs to

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