A few things Young People aged 13 – 19 on Project that Revo Seccus has run for Youth Service’s have said………………


What young people have said they learnt

  • “More about how to handle target & develop a business “
  • “That I need to motivate myself more & what I have to do to achieve that””
  • “Development & planning is key”
  • “About different businesses that I didn’t before”

What young people have said they liked about Revo Seccus’s courses……….

  • “The discussions which took place”
  • “a chance to understand how developing a product can improve a business”
  • “Looking more into business paths to take”
  • “Recognising my talents”
  • “Everything”
  • “Identifying your weakness”

Young People have said they achieved………..

  • “I’ve grown in confidence”
  • “A more developed business mind & a plan of to make”
  • “A skill in understanding that development is key”
  • “More about myself & what I want”
  • “Progressing to become a youth worker”
  • “Confidence”

Young peoples personal comments are……….

  • “Understanding & opens the mind more towards business or a current situation”
  • “I really enjoyed this session so far & realised that it will heavily benefit for my future & open a wide gate on what I’d like to do”
  • “Helps develop a clear understanding & opens the mind more towards business or a situation”
  • “Understand myself more each day”


A few things Young People on Projects that Revo Seccus has run for College’s have said……….

What young people have said they learnt……….

  • “How to set a goal for the future and how it will help me”
  • “How to plan my life”
  • “How to set up a realistic goal, I will be achieving”
  • “I must take a driving role in life/ business”
  • “How to be motivated”
  • “I have to be motivated if I want to be successful in the future


Young people have said they liked about Revo Seccus’s courses………..

  • “Got me thinking about where I want to be in 7 years”
  • “New information”
  • “Need to plan my life”
  • “info clear & easy”
  • “Motivate us to take our own decisions”
  • “Drive”
  • “Ambition”
  • “Got an idea of what to expect in the future”


Young People have said they achieved……….

  • “What I need to do to achieve my plan “
  • “Support”
  • “How to drive for success”
  • “A new way to look at things”
  • “Gaining more knowledge about the business world”


Young peoples personal comments are……….

  • “Really good lesson, enjoyed talking about career paths”


Other young people have said

Simone Simms

Revos has supported me in turning my dream into a reality.
Their program has given me self-belief that anything I put my mind to, with hard work is possible.
and not only have they supported me in the construction of my business but they have also introduce me to influential people who can help my business grow.

Sarah Igbokwe
I first engaged with Ricky Gardner as a Peer Motivator, i have learnt a vast amount of things since being a Peer Motivator like how to support young people, how to work in a team, and how to evaluate sessions. Moreover this gave me the opportunity to build my confidence in working with young people…..

I was then hired by Brent Youth Service as a youth worker because of the skills i had acquired from Peer Motivator…..and have had the oppotunity to work in other boroughs such as Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham. I have been a leader in charge of my own sessions….applied for funding and taken young people on residential

I am now a qualified teacher of Physical Education and teach in Secondary Schools in Brent.
This has assisted me and given me the confidence to work with multi-cultural young people and some young people that can be challenging and I use these experiences in the classroom. if I had not volunteered…….I may not be as lucky today and have the right tools to deal with children of today’s society.

Tonisha Tagoe
Ricky Gardner has been a valuable source of training and Mentoring throughout my developmental and professional life. The wealth of knowledge he has provided to me over the years has enabled me to gain skills in planning, management, organization, and evaluation skills which have proven to be priceless in my career as a film maker and now Teacher. Rarely is it possible to meet someone as dedicated to the development of young people, who is always willing to offer a fresh sense of direction on varying topics that young adults can come across. I’ve always been grateful for the sense of empowerment I have felt as a result of the support he has offered over the years and look forward to sharing my progress and working with him in the years to come.

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